What we do

Providers and commissioners of health and social care services are required by law to involve service users and their carers in the design and delivery of these services. West London Collaborative facilitates this but not in a tokenistic way. We support local people to work in an equal partnership with professionals at all levels to help solve complex and challenging problems.

We will work wherever we feel we can have a positive impact on local communities, or support professionals and frontline staff to deliver better services.

What are these services?

West London Collaborative can help improve services in many different ways. These include:

  • Helping evaluate services, re-designing them and developing new ones
  • Running forums to engage the community
  • Co-writing policy
  • Co-devising strategies
  • Co-commissioning
  • Developing staff training
  • Organising conferences and workshops

West London Collaborative aims to become a ‘go-to’ local consultancy for all health and social care providers and commissioners.