About us



  • To create a health and social care system driven by all of the people within it – not by institutions or outdated commissioning systems.
  • To facilitate the co-production of health and social care services in a way that is empowering to all – holding both the provider and commissioner to account.
  • To change the dynamic between communities and professionals to generate better, more sustainable health and social care outcome.
  • To break down barriers, allowing all voices to become effective catalysts of change.
  • To proactively address the financial and social deficit, so that long-term health outcomes are not only protected but renewed and improved.


  • WLC is a Community Interest Company based on the ethos of co-design, co-production, building and sustaining authentic partnerships at all levels from board to ward, right through to the community, and encompassing public health.
  • WLC creates healthy partnerships with all communities. This includes developing networks that support prevention and grow resilience.
  • WLC takes an assets-based approach to its members: transforming the perception of people, so that they are seen not as passive recipients of services and burdens on the system, but as equal partners.
  • WLC will create a range of incentives to work in reciprocal relationships with professionals and each other, where there are mutual responsibilities and expectations.
  • WLC supports peer and personal networks alongside professionals as the best way of transferring knowledge.
  • WLC supports the enabling of public service agencies to become catalysts and facilitators rather than simply being the main providers themselves.
  • WLC believes that an understanding of wellness, resilience, crisis and recovery is key to creating services that support a community to stay well.