Who we are

We are the West London Collaborative – local people shaping health and social care services in north west London for the better.

Our Vision

“Local communities are no longer the passive recipients of health and social care. Things are not ‘done to’ people but with them. They are actively invited to engage in creating their own health and social care outcomes. This is a new partnership  of equals. It is common practice for local people to co-produce equally with professionals to effectively design, deliver and evaluate all health care services in North West London”.

We bring together local people with experience of using the NHS and social care system to work with frontline professionals to improve services. We enable local people to have a direct say in service design and delivery, improving the health and wellbeing of our communities. 

Our members work with health and social care professionals in a process called co-production. This means planning services together in a partnership based on mutual trust and respect and drawing on people’s skills and experience to deliver services. This approach recognises that both partners have a vital contribution to make, finding solutions to local problems.

As a social enterprise, we’re a business. This also makes us a bit different from some other organisations doing “service user involvement”. We charge service providers and commissioners for our consultancy services. But we don’t just complain about what we think is wrong, we work out how to put it right.

As a social enterprise, we will generate our own income and become financially independent. This means we will not be dependent upon anyone. This independence means we are not afraid to challenge and speak out.