Working Differently

WLC will not just comment on services, systems and issues, and then expect you, as service providers or commissioners, to resolve them. WLC will work proactively with you, forging close working partnerships with your teams, to identify and resolve issues in your service delivery.

WLC will provide trained and dedicated members to help you resolve challenges in your service. We can partner our consultants with organisations on a project-by-project basis, supplying members of WLC with exactly the right skills and experience needed to make your project succeed. We will adopt a 360-degree perspective on all partnerships, always evaluating your experience and our impact.

WLC not shy away from asking difficult questions and we will never be afraid to give your our honest view. We will be straightforward about saying what we believe is necessary to create the right conditions for asset building, co-production and partnership working. A commitment to partnership working and co-production will be expected from all partners.