We are working on a number of projects with West London Mental Health Trust.

Collaborate! Forum

Every month we reach out into the community to discuss and debate issues that are important to our members around the provision of services across the trust. The meeting agenda is owned by the attendees and are discussions are solutions focused.

Reducing the need for control, seclusion and restraint in in-patient settings

Being physically restrained on a psychiatric ward can be very traumatic and damaging to a patient’s dignity but sometimes staff and patients can be put at risk when people become very unwell. Being confined to a room alone, sometimes with the door locked, can also be very distressing. In-patients and their families are entitled to expect that physical restraint will only ever be used as a last resort and, when used, will be used competently, safely and with the minimum of force.  WLC is helping the trust co-produce policy and implement practices to reduce to a minimum the use of these interventions. Press here to listen to an interview about this project on BBC Radio 4.

Local Service Transformation

Working to coproduce the transformation of local services – ground breaking work using theatre, graphics and mapping.


Improving Care Plans

Working with Action Learning groups to really understand why care plans are not working for so many.


Shared Decision Making in Medication

Difficult and sticky working –  negotiating just what shared decision making looks like in mental health settings.